Dawah Booth Checklist

Following is a suggested checklist of stuff to take to the dawah booth. Please customize this list based on your specifi [...]

Dawah Booth Rules and Regulations

Dawah Booth Rules and Regulations
The following is a template that can be used to email dawah booth volunteers who have [...]

Mega Booth Planner

[Adopted from The LA Times Book Fair - Event Management Guidelines]
The WhyIslam SoCal team has put together an excell [...]

Hotline Associate Recruitment

877-WhyIslam recruits suitable daees for its hotline based on recommendations from ICNA/WhyIslam units within USA. WhyIs [...]

Hotline Associate Requirements

The following pre-requisites need to be fulfilled in order to become a volunteer for taking WhyIslam calls on the Dawah [...]

Dawah Booths Guidelines

Guidelines for a Dawah Booths Coordinator
Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one w [...]