May 18, 2013

Latino Dawah

Nahela Morales, native of Mexico City, grew up in California and then moved to New York in 2000. After embracing Islam in 2005, she went to work for the WhyIslam Project, taking calls on the 877-Why-Islam hotline from non-Muslims who had questions about Islam or were seeking information. She is also the National Coordinator for Spanish Dawah at WhyIslam.  She shares her experience from a recent visit to Mexico, “I spent a total of three weeks in my country; my time was divided between both with my family and the Muslim communities in Mexico City. Most of my family was receptive and understood that I would be in and out. That made it easier to share my faith with them.”

Sr. Nahela recounts, “We set up a dawah table at a local expo.  Our 877-Why-Islam brochures were rapidly distributed along with other material such as books and CDs. People who approached the table told us they were happy to see us there, I remember one woman who said, ‘It’s about time you came out and taught us other than what the media tells us.’ ”  Alhamdulillah, eight people accepted Islam. In addition, we provided our Mexican brothers and sisters with hijabs and abayas, kufis, mishwaks, CDs, Islamic books for children in Spanish. Most importantly, we conveyed the message of Islam that unites us all.  We thank several other oganizations that helped in this initiative.

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