May 18, 2013

Our Vision

To convey precise and authentic information about Islam through simple, effective and innovative means of communication.

To be a global leader in disseminating the accurate information about Islam.

Value Statement
With the Quran and Sunnah as the foundation and criterion, WhyIslam shall utilize only those means that accord with Islamic principles and adhere to democratic, legal, and peaceful methods in disseminating its message about Islam.


Our Values
  • 18 May


    We maintain devotion for our work by remembering the privilege Allah (SWT) has given us to participate and contribute to His cause […]

  • 18 May


    We serve Allah (SWT) through working as a unified team, always taking into account the common good of all people.

  • 18 May


    We employ a forward- looking and positive approach to anticipate & respond to future opportunities & trends.

  • 18 May


    We are each accountable to Allah (SWT) for the highest standards of behavior, especially honesty & fairness in all aspects of […]

  • 18 May

    Customer Focus

    We focus on our customers, respecting them, listening and responding  to their requests and understanding their concerns and need […]

  • 18 May


    Our products & services will be the best.  We will, Inshaa Allah, deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and r […]

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