December 8, 2012

Dawah Booth Rules and Regulations

Dawah Booth Rules and Regulations

The following is a template that can be used to email dawah booth volunteers who have signed up for your booth:

“Thank you for your interest to volunteer your time at our information booth. The volunteers must review the following regulations before participating at the booth. It is your responsibility to review and abide by these regulations. WhyIslam considers your participation as an acknowledgement that you have reviewed the following regulations and committed to abide by them. You must agree with the following:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to volunteer. (for indoor Mall booths only)
  2. Please do not bring children to the booth. (for indoor Mall booths only)
  3. You must not distribute any literature that is not approved by WhyIslam. WhyIslam is responsible for providing the literature to be distributed at the booth.
  4. You must not bring food to the booth.
  5. Sisters must wear Hijab at the booth.
  6. Brothers must dress normal and must not come to the booth wearing cultural clothing such as Shalwar Qamis, Thaub etc, unless this is how you always dress(Imam etc)
  7. You must not engage in any activities or speech that would reflect badly on WhyIslam and/or Islam in general.
  8. You must not engage in or express opinions on political issues at the booth (Arab/Israeli conflict for an example.)
  9. You must not make any statements demonizing any race, religion, country, or political group.
  10. You must not verbally or physically abuse the visitors under any circumstances.
  11. By participating at the booth, you agree to release WhyIslam and ICNA at large from any claims, losses, actions, suits, damages, expenses, disbursements (including legal fees and expenses) and/or costs of any kind whatsoever, that may arise out of your participation at the booth during your allotted time slot.

If any of the above regulations is not acceptable to you, please do not volunteer for the booth.

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