December 23, 2010

Hotline Associate Recruitment

877-WhyIslam recruits suitable daees for its hotline based on recommendations from ICNA/WhyIslam units within USA. WhyIslam encourages everyone to apply for this honorable deed and has an open policy. The candidates need to have some experience of giving Dawah to non-Muslims either individually or in an organization setup.

Please review the pre-requisites in “Hotline Associate Requirements” article

Once the pre-requisites are fulfilled, then candidate has to go through a screening process to determine their eligibility, which includes two steps of interviews and tests of Dawah skills and basic knowledge of Islam. First interview is with the Hotline Coordinator/In-charge and the second one is with the WhyIslam National Coordinator.

Upon confirmation of candidate from the interviews, s/he is then trained by the Hotline In-charge on logistical procedures and issues of hotline, such as logging in/out, transferring calls to other, and how to handle calls. Then a handout on “Guidelines for Hotline Associates” is given to this new associate to read and sign it for compliance with WhyIslam.

Whyislam also holds regular online training webinars for its associates to train them for professionalism, courtesy, dawah skills, etc.

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