December 23, 2010

Hotline Associate Requirements

The following pre-requisites need to be fulfilled in order to become a volunteer for taking WhyIslam calls on the Dawah hotline.

  1. Recommendations of local WhyIslam/ICNA unit members.
  2. Referrals from credible and trustworthy sources.
  3. Must be reliable and trustworthy who can be punctual and consistent in performing their duty in the designated hours they commit to.
  4. Must have calm and settled personality with sound Islamic understanding
  5. Must be able to handle tough situations gracefully where callers may be rude and aggressive.
  6. Should be able to recognize trick questions, and be confident enough to guide conversations to fruitful discussions with results.
  7. Must assure that calls will not be missed during their allotted time.
  8. Must have outstanding communication skills
  9. Must smile a lot! Keep enthusiasm alive on hotline.
  10. Must familiarize with 877-Why-Islam and ICNA processes and resources.
  11. Have the aptitude to learn phone procedures of virtual pbx system quickly
  12. Must have basic computer skills, and ability to enter data.
  13. Must have good speaking skills and idea of phone manners/etiquettes.
  14. Must have the ability to articulate their voice clearly over the phone, so callers do not have difficulty understanding the associate.
  15. Must have the motivation to learn more Islamic knowledge in order to equip themselves better for Dawah over the phone.
  16. Ability to show customer service to callers on the hotline.

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