New Muslim Mentoring

WhyIslam utilizes an efficient process to ensure prompt and effectual mentoring of new Muslims. Whether the revert took shahadah with a WhyIslam hotline associate or elsewhere, the caller is mailed a shahadah package. A mentor is then assigned to the caller, ideally one who lives close to the revert. If none is not available locally, then the mentor and revert connect remotely, through Skype, for example. When the mentor is local, he/she takes the revert to the Masjid to meet the community. In a remote situation, the mentor arranges this meeting through a Muslim living in the revert’s location. The mentor guides the revert through a three-month study of basic Islamic teachings. By the end of this period, alhamdulillah, the revert is able to independently practice Islam and has broadened ties to the Muslim community at their local Masjid.


Important Resources
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  • Mentor Guidelines


    You are the first contact for that new Muslim who has made this great Hijrah (migration) of religion.
    Your reward from […]



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