May 18, 2013

Why did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) limit his followers to four wives, while he had more than this?

Polygamy was a common practice in several cultures including the Arab. During the time of the Prophet , the Arabs practiced unrestricted polygamy. What logic was there for a leader to limit his followers to four wives, when more was common, and then to say that he was exempted?


The truth is that the Prophet   did not limit his followers of his own volition. It was the command of Allah in the Glorious Qur’an.


In reference to the restriction on polygamy, Islam was the first Abrahamic religion with a scripture that limited the practice of polygamy.


In reference to Prophet Muhammad  as an exception, there are sound reasons why Allah exempted him from this restriction. One reason is that each of the marriages of the Prophet (SAW) embodied a type of wisdom, for example to unify tribes, and exemplified different elements of the marriage union, i.e. protection, care, unity, diversity and love.

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