December 4, 2010

Mentor Guidelines


  1. You are the first contact for that new Muslim who has made this great Hijrah (migration) of religion.
  2. Your reward from Allah is tremendous now for accepting this responsibility and following up with this new Muslim.
  3. According to a hadith of Prophet (saw), “when a man dies all his deeds are cut off, except from three (avenues).”
  4. One of those ways or avenues is where he/she continues to receive charity if any knowledge he/she shares with anyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.
  5. Therefore you are mentoring new Muslims and every letter (to say the least) you teach this new Muslim now, will be perpetual charity (sadqah jariyaa) for YOU till the Day of Judgment, why?
  6. Because now whatever that new Muslim does acting upon the knowledge you taught, you will be rewarded every bit, without their reward being reduced! Masha Allah!


  • Send an introductory email to revert informing them that you will be calling them to welcome them into Islam on behalf of 877-WhyIslam. (see email draft below)
  • Call and introduce yourself as a Whyislam Associate Mentor (see call script below), who will work with them to teach the basics of Islam and be their contact person for all their needs.
  • Explain that we are your new  family and we will inshaAllah be there for you whenever the need


    1. Get to know them in a casual way without being too nosy or interfering in their private life, because some reverts do not like this. Some common questions to ask are:

–        About their conversion story and what interested them into Islam?

–        About their family. {Explain how family values in Islam is based on love and bonding}

–        About work. {Explain the work ethics of Islam}

–        About what they like and don’t like? {Explain that everything is for Allah’s sake}

–        About their studies? How much? {Explain the importance of knowledge in Islam}

–        Invite to lunch or dinner at your place, or take them out to a local halal muslim restaurant.

  1. When you meet them first time, give them a small gift if possible [not too expensive] to bond with them. {Prophet(saw) said giving gifts strengthens the bonds of heart of believer}
  2. Socialize with them by having a light-hearted discussion and make their time memorable.

General Etiquette

In your mentoring of the new Muslim use the following as a checklist to ensure progress is made.

  • Review with them 6 Articles of Belief (Imaan), and the 5 Pillars of Islam.
  • Inform about the Islamic greeting and the manners to be followed when meeting Muslims
  • Inform them about dietary regulations, such as zabiha halal meat, no alcoholic drinks, and checking the ingredients of all products they purchase that no pork or alcohol in it.
  • Inform them about modest Islamic dress code for both males and females and the hijab for women.
  • Explain duties towards parents and obligations of children.
  • Explain the rights of neighbors, siblings, and all family relatives upon us.
  • Educate about gender interactions etiquettes and restrictions within Islam, in every setup such as work, family gatherings, friends and parties.
  • Inform about Marriage in Islam and the obligation of spouses to each other. Educate about the dangers of non-Islamic relations with opposite gender, and to avoid fornication (zina)
  • Educate about Masjid etiquettes and Muslim congregation manners of segregation
  • Inform the concept of earning a Halal (permissible) Livelihood (rizq) and that husbands are responsible for their families’ caretaking and providing for all financial obligations.
  • Integrate them with local muslim community and educate them about the importance of jama’aa (congregation). Advise them to be attached to the masjid via regular prayers and other activities
  • Inform them about annual Islamic conventions and to attend them, and become part of ICNA.

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