December 4, 2010

Revert Sensitivities

  • Please do not talk amongst friends or gathering in a language that the new muslim does not understand, as they feel left out, and is a big turn off for them.
  • At this initial meeting make eye contact with a smiling face, and embrace them with happiness so they can feel the warmth of brotherhood or sisterhood.
  • Introduce them to other muslims at the mosque or wherever you have this meeting with the revert.
  • Do not sideline the revert at this first meeting, by only talking to muslims around and leaving the revert silent “on the side”
  • Always keep the revert busy and involved in this meeting, so they can feel a “blast” of a time, and look further to such meetings.
  • Ask other muslims at this meeting (if present) to exchange their contact information with revert and get to know him/her and make friends with them. Tell them we are his/her “new family” and that revert can look up to us for anything. (this brings unity amongst all)

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